Periodontal Scaling To Prevent Gum Disease

You must be familiar with the term ‘plaque’. The bacteria that form plaque weakens the gums. And, weak gums are equal to weak teeth. To promote healthy gums, it is important to prevent gum disease. Periodontal scaling removes the plaque above and below the gumline.

Professional dentists recommend getting proper teeth scaling and root planing to get rid of the plaque. It has provided efficacious results in treating periodontal diseases.

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When do you need periodontal scaling?

Before discussing the process of periodontal scaling, it is important to learn whether you need it or not.

  • If you are suffering from a severe periodontal infection, you might need the scaling.
  • If you feel your gums are pulling away from the teeth, get to your dentist asap.
  • Or worse, if you could feel pockets formed by the plaque, this might also be a sign that you need an emergency dental visit to your dentist in Elgin.

The consequences are severe if these indications are not treated at the right time. You can lose your teeth! Or it can cause severe pain in the gums.

The process of periodontal scaling

When the bacteria stick at the gum line, plaque is formed and when the plaque is hardened, it is called tartar. Both of them are hard to remove by just brushing and flossing. Therefore, dentists have introduced the idea of deep teeth cleaning i.e. periodontal scaling. In this treatment, tooth scaling along with root planing, deep cleans the root and the gumline.

The process of periodontal scaling is divided into two parts, i.e. tooth scaling and root planing.

Tooth scaling

When bacteria gets hold of the backside of the teeth, they make sure not to leave easily. To get rid of them, one needs a good treatment of tooth scaling. This process is all about removing the plaque from the surface of the tooth and beneath the gum line. Tooth scaling can be performed by using an ultrasonic device or a manual instrument. Tooth scaling is a process that is followed by root planing. Therefore, you will have to visit your dentist again.

Root planing

Bacteria are not limited to the gumline only, they also escalate towards the roots. This process will dive deep into your mouth. It helps to reduce gum inflammation and prevents the bacteria from reinvasion to the roots. Not only that, this will help in the proper healing of the teeth and gum line. Root planing makes the gums firm and promotes better oral health.

How to take care of teeth after periodontal scaling?

Once the treatment is completed, your dentist might prescribe some meditations. It is normal to feel dizzy and your gums might remain swollen for a few days.

Another appointment schedule will bring out more details about the success of the treatment.

Until then, brush with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste twice, floss daily, and avoid eating greasy and crispy food. Also, try to avoid smoking as much as you can. It will harm your teeth deeply and reverse the process of periodontal scaling. Consult with your periodontal scaling specialist in Elgin to get the best treatment now.