Dr. Thomas Yun uses DryShield® isolation technology to provide you with more comfortable and effective care as well as a safer treatment. This advanced technology is designed to help our dentist be more efficient and streamline your experience so you spend less time in our office. Call Randall Meadows Dental Center at 847-888-0011 to schedule an appointment and learn more about the DryShield isolation system in Elgin, Illinois.

DryShield is a specially designed device that performs all the tasks of high-suction, bite blocking, tongue shielding and oral pathway protection to provide increased levels of comfort to both doctors and patients. DryShield works to keep your mouth dry, clean and visible to our dentist. This allows our dentist and team to provide more effective treatments that meet your needs, and it can actually reduce your treatment time by 20% to 40%. The continuous suction also prevents aerosols from entering the air, making our office a cleaner and safer environment for you.

For more information about DryShield isolation and to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist, please contact our team today.

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in Elgin, Illinois

Applied to the new dental program that Dr. Yun offered due to not having a dental insurance. I was overdue for a dental check up and cleaning but thankfully due to the affordable plan, I finally ended up going to a dentist visit in 6 years. Office is clean and nice and everyone at Randall Meadows Dental Center the were fantastic. I generally do not leave comments but I highly recommend Dr. Yun! Thank you for your service

Issac S.

Dr Thomas Yun is a great Dentist. He made me feel so comfortable and learned so much from him. He uses state of the art technology and is very detailed and precise in his work! He’s a perfectionist! His overall team is just super nice and friendly. My dentist of 5 years recently retired but with just one visit with Dr Yun, he made me forget about my old dentist already.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! I was visiting IL from AZ staying with family for 8 days. 3 days before my trip was over my veneer BROKE on my front tooth and it was barely hanging on! I called multiple dentists and about 6 of them told me they don't work on veneers. I was in a panic because I couldn't get a earlier flight home. I got through to Randall Meadows and I literally cannot say enough great things about them!

Lindsey F.

They got me in immediately, explained everything upfront. Talked about what insurance will cover and pricing. He was very friendly and I will definitely be switching to him full time for all my dentistry needs.

William L.