Four Home Remedies To Cure Toothache

Do you know what hurts more than a breakup? TOOTHACHE! The pain is unbearable. It is something most of us have experienced (If you haven’t, what a fortunate soul you are!). Some of the unfortunate souls in Elgin have to go through this pain on a daily basis and even sometimes on HOLIDAYS (it’s brutal!). So, what are those magic toothache treatments that work instantly? Of course excluding the emergency dental treatment. Home remedies are, in some cases, an effective way to get rid of toothache.

However, people have different opinions about home remedies, some of them really work and some of them pretend to work. This is why we are going to mention only those treatments which are suggested by professionals.

Your Next Door Salt and Lukewarm Water Solution

This is a no brainer, whenever someone speaks about home remedies for toothache, you’d instantly suggest “MIX A HALF TEASPOON SALT IN LUKEWARM WATER AND RINSE!” But, why? Salt is an easily available disinfectant and works instantly. It bursts the trouble bubble by softening that tiny food particle stuck somewhere in between your teeth. It is also recommended to cure sensitivity.

Daily rinse is also effective in easing pain caused by severe infection.

The 'Ice' Word

Toothache is often caused by minor infections because of the recent food you ate or because you forgot to brush your teeth at night. Cold compress is another tried and tested method to cure toothache. It is known as a pain reducer, as well as a swelling reducer. A TWO IN ONE!

However, one should only apply it for 10-12 minutes. Also, it would be much better if you just wrap a cloth, or towel in the ice pack. Be careful as you use it, and never use it for more than 15 minutes.

Rinse your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide

There is a GREAT possibility that you might not own a hydrogen peroxide rinse, but if it is a holiday and your dentist is not available anytime soon, this is nice treatment. Hydrogen peroxide has proved itself effective in reducing pain, sensitivity, plaque (yes! For real), and kills the bacteria.

Use THREE PARTS water and equal parts hydrogen peroxide to dilute it properly. Now rinse without swallowing it. Congratulations, you have officially made your first partially homemade mouthwash.


Yes, we ARE talking about home remedies for toothaches and NOT about the best ways to make chai latte. Despite being an active food ingredient in many Asian households, carmondom has another side which not many people know. It is antibacterial, and beneficial for your tooth and gum health. It is a perfect home remedy to get rid of bad breath as well.

Chew one or two carmondoms slowly and it will surely reduce the pain. If you are not able to chew at the moment, grind it to apply it to the affected area.


All of the above remedies are tried and tested. However, these remedies can only benefit you on a temporary basis. For a permanent treatment, consult with your dentist in Elgin to derive a toothache cause. It is certainly the best way to treat a toothache.